What is Swift

Swift is a programming language developed by a team within Apple and launched at the WWDC 2012 and has become the fastest growing computer programming language used by many app developers.

An Apple employee named Chris Lattner spent 18 months developing his ideas of a new fresh forward thinking code that gave us a new way of building, designing and running code, he kept his ideas quiet and it is rumoured that even his employers and closest friends were oblivious to what he was doing.

He ploughed into his work as a side project spending many evenings and weekends working on his new baby. By the end of 2011 he went to his employers, Apple, and basically blew them away with the presentation and how he had all the basics mapped out. 

Apple, of course ran with his ideas and put a few more experienced developers into the mix and by 2012 a beta was launched. Swift was catapulted into the main frame and is now the main programming language of most app developers.

Apple glorified the code with promises of faster builds, a more controlled way of building apps for the iphone, and eventually, the whole product line of Apple. 

The take up of people using Swift has become stuff of legend. The reason is, it can be used from the beginner to the most advanced and hardcore programmers. It doesnt take a lot to learn swift and with the Playgrounds, its a really good place to teach yourself code.

What is SWift and its relationship to Objective C

Swift works along side Objective C whic is another code that Apple sipports as most apps that have already been in development have been built using Objective C language,

Swift was built by Lattner to work with existing developers tools, it even gives a way of coders to use swift along side objective C

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