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Unrivaled Gameplay

See what makes Circulate so fun

Addictively Fun

New levels and new challenges abound

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1-Tap Gameplay

No complex moves or motions required, Circulate is a 1-tap gameplay experience.

Endless Challenges

With 75 levels plus Endless Hard Mode Circulate is ready for even the most hardcore gamers.

Epic Slow-Mo

See what went right and what went wrong on your last move with Circulate’s epic slow-mo feature.

Difficulty = Hard

There are no easy levels in this one, Circulate plays on HARD mode.

All Android Games Were NOT Created Equal

Circulate is addictively fun.

It’s one of those mobile games people don’t want to put down because it’s simple to learn, simple to play, and easy to get better at.

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This is Circulate

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